Asari Bath Mitt

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The Bath Mitt from Asari will make your bath an unforgettable experience! Thanks to its gentle exfoliating properties, it gives you a feeling of relaxation and softness. Not only does it cleanse but also relieves stress by massaging the body with comfort.

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Softens the skin
Removes dead skin
Prevents hair growth under the skin
Promotes skin’s youthfulness
Reduces the appearance of blackheads

How to use the Bath Mitt from Asari?

Wet the Bath Mitt with warm water, then add your favorite soap, whether its Moroccan clay, shower gel or others, then gently rub it on the skin. When done, rinse your body with lukewarm water to get rid of the soap, ensure tight skin, and enjoy all the wonderful features of the Asari Bath Mitt.

Super soft

Prevents build up of bacteria

Longer life span

Smooth on skin

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  1. Ram Babu

    Nice Product , so soft and good quality!!!

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